How Can I Prepare My Myanmar Property for Sale?

How Can I Prepare My Myanmar Property for Sale?

Are you getting your condominium or landed house in Myanmar ready to list for sale? This can be one of the most exciting times of your life—you’re moving to a different part of the city, getting a bigger home to start a family, or starting a new job on the other side of Burma.

When you’re selling a property you want to get a higher selling price. This will give you plenty of funds to buy your new property, rent an apartment, take your worldwide trip, or whatever your personal goals are.

First, you need to hire an agent to help you the obtain the best price on your Myanmar property for sale. They’ll also suggest you list your property on the website. This website has a wide range of property for sale, from condominiums, to landed houses and commercial property. Property owners can also list properties for rent, such as apartments, landed houses, and commercial property.

When you’re packing up and preparing your property for sale, you can also use staging techniques that show it in its best light.

Don’t pack everything away. Keep the best furniture and decorative items out, because you don’t want to present an empty house or condo to potential home buyers. This gives the impression that your home is highly sought after, as you’re getting viewings before you’ve even had a chance to pack up.

If the purchase of your new property is contingent on selling your property first, you can store your other possessions in a storage rental facility. These can be rented on a monthly basis, then when you finally move, you can remove your items from storage.

You should also make a list of any items in your home that are broken and need to be fixed, and this includes squeaking or creaking doors, faucets, etc. Fix everything you can, and hire a handyman to fix what you can’t. Your real estate agency can also assist in this process.

Simply painting the interior walls of a homr can also increase it’s value. Patch up all holes or cracks in the walls, then cover with a good coat of paint. Stick to neutral colours that won’t offend the eye.

Take a look through your home and update anything that looks like it was made in the last century. Consider lighting fixtures, door and cupboard hardware, outlet and light switch covers, and fans. These items are all minimal cost to fix, but if they’re in bad shape, it may hinder receiving your first offer on your home.

Your real estate agent may wish to hold an Open House and advertise it on MRX. After they let you know the time and date, spend some time giving your home a good cleaning. Remove all garbage and cat litter boxes, and burn some scented candles to make the place smell welcoming.

With a bit of preparation, your home will sell quickly in Myanmar’s demanding real estate market. You may just receive an offer that’s higher than asking price!

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