Land Practice In Myanmar

Land Practice In Myanmar

Freehold Land 

Freehold land can be interpreted into Myanmar language as "ancestral land". Ownership of such land is conclusive and the owner is not required to pay land revenue with regard to it. It is transferable to desired citizens and can only be taken back by the government, for State interest, and in accordance with the ‘Land Acquisition Act’. In invoking the Land Acquisition Act as above, the government will compensate the owner of the land in cash or with alternative plots or in certain cases, with apartments/buildings etc.

Grant Land

‘Grant Land’ is owned by the government. Land may be disposed of by grant or lease to any person or entity for a stipulated period which is explicitly spelt out in the document well known in the Myanmar language as

‘Ga-Yan’. The lease period could range from 10 years, to 30 years to 90 years etc. which is extendible upon application. It is transferable and the owner is legally bound to pay land revenue with regard to it.

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