How Can I Leverage My Money to Buy the Best Property in Myanmar?

How Can I Leverage My Money to Buy the Best Property in Myanmar?

Property buyers in the Myanmar, Burma market may be finding it increasingly difficult to find affordable property in their price range. In this highly competitive market you want to purchase the best property within your budget, and avoid paying more than your fair share of home prices.

If you can leverage your funds, you can find the best property in Myanmar to suit you and your family.

First start by hiring an agency or picking an agent or professional who understands how the real estate market works in this city. An agent holds specific qualifications and licenses, and is not only familiar with the real estate listing process but can also walk you through the process of finding the best home and how to close the deal.

But don’t just rely on a real estate agent. You should also be actively searching for a property—commercial property, condominium, or landed house. Remember that your real estate agent can’t watch the entire market all at once.

If you have signed a contract with an agent and you do see that perfect property, it can be tempting to directly contact the agent in charge of it. But you could be doing yourself a disservice if you approach them without your own agent.

Your own real estate agent has your best interests at stake. If you do see a property on a property search portal, such as, contact your real estate agent first. They’ll help book a showing so you can view the property and see if it’s right for you.

If you view the property with your agent, they’ll negotiate on your part to help you get the best deal. They’re also knowledgeable about deficiencies in property, and will ensure that property inspections are done. At times the original property owner may not be happy with an offer, so the agent on their behalf will come back with a counteroffer. There can be a lot of back and forth involved in property negotiation, and you may not have the time or patience involved to deal with it by yourself. 

If you and your spouse are seeking a property in Myanmar, you should both attend property viewings and open houses together. This is because you can both provide your opinion on the property, and it also shows the agent that you’re both serious.

Property sales and negotiation can also be time-sensitive. One moment a property is on MRX, and the next it’s gone. It’s important to view as many properties in one week as you feel comfortable seeing, because it may take time to find the perfect one. The more properties you view, the greater the chances you’ll find the perfect one for you and your family.

Besides asking for an inspection report, it’s also important to find out how much maintenance fees, properties taxes, and utilities cost in the average month.

With the efforts of your property agency, you’ll soon be on your way to finding the best home for your hard-earned money.

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