Apartment Searching

Apartment Searching

Apartment Searching...


Searching for an apartment isn’t exactly easy, but Myanmar Real Estate Exchange can help you out. If you’re ready to dig into those apartment listings and start your search, you need to take a couple of minutes to figure out exactly what you want, what you need, and how to search for apartments in a smart way using mrx.com.mm

Deciding if You Really Should Move...

Your decision on whether or not you should move and start looking for an apartment is going to depend on a couple of things: whether or not you can afford rent for something new and what your ideal rental situation looks like.

Sit down and come up with a list of the core reasons you are thinking about moving to an apartment. As you move through the following steps, come back to those reasons. If you’re ready, you will start to find places during your apartment search that offer the right things that fit in your budget and fulfill your list of reasons for wanting to move.

·       Make a Wants and Needs List...

The list should have two columns. On one side you’re going to have the “Needs,” and on the other side, you’re going to have the “Wants.” Your needs may be pet-friendliness, proximity to your work, number or bedrooms and walkable to the bus or train. Your wants may include being near a hiking trail, a washer-dryer a hot tub, and a big kitchen.

Here’s a tip: mrx.com.mm is a great place to go to find places to live in Myanmar. MRX’s apartment search tool allows you to filter your search by a bunch of different filters, like allows pets and microwave included. Use these filters to guide your list.

·        Set Your Budget...

The price is definitely something you need to keep in mind when you’re apartment hunting. How much rent can you afford? In order to determine the answer to that question, you will need to take a look at some numbers. Follow these steps:

·      Monthly net income – start out with your monthly net income. This is what you bring home after taxes have been taken out.

·      Subtract expenses – now you need to subtract your fixed monthly expenses – this is stuff that you can’t really change like your car payment, student loans, and so on.

·      Other expenses – don’t forget about other expenses such as utility costs, groceries, entertainment and memberships. If there are any you could cut out, then it’s a good time to do so.

·      Savings or Spending Money – Don’t forget about any savings or spending money that you would like to add to your budget. Subtract that from your monthly income.

·      Left – what you have left is what you can put into rent. Rent should be around 25% to 30% of your gross (before tax) monthly income.


·      Save Up for Those Moving Costs


Most landlords out there are going to ask for first and last month’s rent, along with security deposit before you even move in. You may even need to get rental insurance and you may have to pay an application fee and a cost to have your credit checked. Don’t forget about movers – do you need movers to help you?

·     Do You Want a Roommate?

Unless you’re moving because you have a dream to live a solo life, you may want to get a roommate. A roommate may mean you can afford to expand your search for apartments. Would your ideal living space be suited for splitting rent with a roommate? If so, then look strategically. Use your apartment searching goals to find a family member, friend, or co-worker to split the cost of rent with.

·      Determine When to Get Serious about Looking

Once you start looking for an apartment, you need to be ready to sign a lease – even if your move-in date is weeks away. Professionals recommend that you give yourself at least four weeks from your first real inquiries to signing the lease.

·         Decide on the Neighborhood

Where your rental is located is important, so you need to find the best neighborhood in Myanmar that is suitable for you. Read reviews and see what others say about their neighborhoods and take it from there.

·         Start Your Search

Now it is time for you to take your search online and find the best apartment for you. mrx.com.mm has a really good search feature that will help you out. Look at every potential listing and find something that is suitable for you.

In the end, you can schedule and go look at apartments. Once you have a list of apartments that fit your needs, start scheduling appointments to view the apartment. Regardless of how hot the market is, you will want to look at the place in person before you sign that leash.

During each viewing, bring those lists you created with you – this includes your budget list, want-and needs list, and your reasons for moving list. Also take the list of all the amenities that made you want the apartment to begin with. While you’re looking around, make sure you see everything you wanted and don’t be afraid to ask questions if there’s something you’re not sure about. 

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