90 dangerous old buildings still standing in Yangon

90 dangerous old buildings still standing in Yangon

The Yangon City Development Committee has identified some 90 buildings, which it deems dangerous, for demolition, according to U Maung Maung Soe, Yangon Mayor and Chairman of Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).

A total of 1667 dangerous buildings were identified during a survey back in 1994/95, and out of those some 1577 have already been demolished or rebuilt, he said.

Some empty buildings lay idle, and occupy space in the city, without business activity or residents inside. These have not been demolished or renovated, said U Yan Shin, regional Hluttaw MP from Mayangone township constituency No(1). 

Yangon is at risk from earthquakes. It has a strong monsoon-influenced climate, and receives a lot of rain in the wet season. Some buildings can be damaged due to natural disasters,” said U Yan Shin.

“People’s lives are at risk if derelict buildings are to remain in the city, without them being reconstructed or demolished. That’s why the YCDC should carry out a plan to better deal with these structures,” U Yan Shin said. 

“Recently, media outlets have reported a veranda collapsing from an unoccupied building in Pazundaung township. This is a serious danger to the public,” said U Yan Shin.

If the dangerous buildings, as identified by the YCDC, are not demolished or repaired, YCDC should demolish them and reclaim the costs from the owners, U Yan Shin proposed at the Yangon Region Hluttaw meeting on October 7.

He also asked about changing regulations governing dangerous buildings, so they can be demolished more efficiently.

YCDC has issued signs at each dangerous building, warning residents to stay out. The signs will also instruct landlords that the buildings will be demolished if they endanger public safety, according to U Maung Maung Soe.

“We have been given permission to remove residents before demolishing the building. The construction of new buildings needs to be negotiated with the residents, the landlord and contractors,” U Maung Maung Soe said.

According to section 81(a) of the Yangon City Development Committee Law (2018), if a building is found to be dangerous the residents of that building need to be removed before the structure is renovated or destroyed. 

Credit : YEE YWAL MYINT , Myanmar Times

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